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Biggs Nolan industrial development co., LTD,Registration was established2015Monthly,The registered capital1Hundred million,Company headquartered in xiamen xiang 'an residents avenue6633、6635、6637Number。Currently in xiamen, the Amoy area century center26Building set up operations center,Is e-commerce operations、The mobile end mall operations、Offline entity comprehensive enterprise management innovation。

Biggs Nolan industrial development co., LTD and owns independent brand“BISINUOLANBiggs Nolan”,Since the product contains the brand“Skin care、Colour makeup、Clothing、Silver、Snacks、Cosmetic”Six major categories,Covers basic women all daily consumption。

2017Years,Biggs Nolan launched brigitte selected industrial development co., LTDAPP,Make women social electric business platform,To social electricity field one of the few large supply chain system、Self-built logistics system a global scale,Four square meters warehouse base configuration,At the same time in order to improve the standardization of operation and management mode、The brand idea of innovation and sharing spirit attracted tens of millions of millions of users。

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Activating this series

Biggs Nolan activating this moisturizing milk,With water embellish lightsome texture,Exquisite and deep penetration,A is closed,Apex of science and technology of water-soluble new ceramide,Overall control and repair the dermis,Balance oil and water balance,Stay away from the oily skin feeling,Add multiple natural plant extracts,Active cell metabolism,Let skin from the inside out,Persistent reveal bright ze,Recovery stretch muscles。

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Jing is colourful red

Red is the life、Vitality、Health、Enthusiasm、Spark、A symbol of joy。Because the red waves are the longest in the visible spectrum,So the most eye-catching,Give people a feeling of impending feeling and expansion on the vision,Easy to cause excitement、Excited、Tension。

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French leisure

French dressing rules can be summed up as such a few words:For your man to dress(Not for other women),Dressed like a “The middle class”,And don't buy anything too fashionable dress。 However, those we try to follow the fashion girls—You know,Those who have a seemingly casual,But it is taken care longhair,And charming posture of women smoking—Always wear them。

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Winter sonata

There are four seasons in a year,Each season has different view。In the winter,People like snowing came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm,To the world of fairy tale of a glittering and translucent get rid of。Everything is in filtration everything in the sublimation,Look at a white world,Soul purification,Become pure and good。

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Biggs NolanAPPChief executive Chen Ping on mangoTV

The mobile Internet era,Good product and entrepreneurs support mode,Drive the progress and development of industry;A good brand idea promote the brand influence,For industry professionals with the era's best business direction and opportunity,Biggs NolanAPPChief executive Chen Ping also wish mango at the scene of the tapingT...

7Won Oscar design masters to the perfume industry!

Marc RosenIt is so unique,A creative and professional dreamers,To push the boundaries of the so-called good design,Never retreat。” Perfume foundation chairmanRochelle Bloom如此评价道。Marc RosenIn luxury、Makeup......